Briquetting Machines

Briquetting Machines

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We have technically qualified and efficient workforce, who help us in manufacturing and supplying a quality range of Briquetting Machines. The machines are used in the biomass and charcoal production industries. We use optimum quality materials, sourced from the most reliable vendors to manufacture the machines. The clients can avail our Briquetting Machines in different power specifications as per their requirements. We offer our machines at the cost effective prices.


  • Briquetting machine BP65200

  • Production capacity: 1000 KGs/Hr

  • Briquette Size: 65mm (+/- 2mm)

  • Connected Load: 55 HP

Technical Specifications:

Model BP6175 BP652
Production Capacity (On Saw Dust Basis, 160 kg/ M3) 750 kg/hr. 1000 kg/hr.
Swept Volume (M3/hr.) 7.5 10
Operating Parameters Input bulk density 140 to 200 KG/M3 140 to 200 KG/M3
Moisture Contents <15% <15%
Briquetting Pressure 1200 kg/CM2 for binderless briquetting
Volume Displaces (M3/hr.) 4.2 4.2
Size of Briquette
60-63 mm
15-200 mm
65-67 mm
15-200 mm
Stroke per minute 200 200
Stroke Length 175 mm 200 mm
Power Load (H.P)
Main Motor
Oil Pump
Vertical Screw
Inclined Screw
2100 mm
900 mm
1800 mm
2100 mm
900 mm
1800 mm
Nett Weight 3350 kg (Approx)m 3550 kg (Approx}

Table of Briquetting models:

Press Model BQ4125 BQ6175 BQ65200 BQ75200
Bqt diameter,mm 40 60 65 75
Stroke length,mm 125 175 200 200
RPM 275 230 200 200
Rated Production Kg/Hr 250 750 900 1200
Power HP 20 40 50 60

Rated production is based on saw dust of 180 Kg/M3 bulk density as raw material.

What is briquetting?

It is more practical to compress biomass fuel into briquettes, instead of burning it directly. It further improves its utility & convenience of transport as well as usage. These biomass briquettes can be burned unlike coal which is burned in traditional furnaces or in gasifier.

Briquetting machines/ press are based on High Pressure Ram Type Binderless Extrusion Technology, and are very reliable. Designed for continuous operation, the press is equipped with rugged sturdy crank gear, two flywheels, and cross head. One of the fly wheels works as a pulley & is driven by the main motor through a flat belt. Forced lubrication is ensured trough oil circulating system with dual filtration & forced cooling. And, the material is fed continuously through a hopper in a vertical feeder which has its own gear box and motor. Regulated feed is provided to the press by an independently driven feeding system.

Dry ground/ granulated materials are fed to the vertical feeder by screw conveyor. The vertical screw pre-compresses as well as forces the raw material downwards in to a pre-compression chamber. Then, the material is pushed by the ram by a die system into briquettes to the cooling line. The entire operation is continuous & is controlled from the main electrical panel.

For binderless production of high-density solid fuel briquettes (Biocoal) from all sorts of granulated degradable biomass, wastes and residues such as ground nut shells, rice husk, wood waste, mustard husk/stalk, cotton shell/stalks, sugarcane trash and bagasse.